Once a week famed children’s musical picture book author, Moonbeam, graces the local library with their very special educational reading hour. (Note: Hour is actually 20 mins.) 

Moonbeam takes families of all ages on a journey through important educational knowledge not taught in schools. (Note: PG 15+, Adult Content, not Kid Friendly.)

Moonbeam and their library friends will explore what you didn't think you needed to know. (Note: Life is hard... )


The Quad Comedy Players musically improvise what it looks like for a children's author to explore some very adult issues. It's all the things you wish you learnt in school, the nitty, the gritty, the hilarious reality of realizing what it takes to be an adult. (WHY IS IT SO HARD!!!!!!) 


We've all been there, so now, let's laugh about it! (And in some cases lie down on the floor and sob uncontrollably until our paycheck clears and we can afford pizza.)

Moonbeam Musical Storytime

  • Fused: The Epic Improv Team-up
Mar. 20, 2018, 8:00 p.m.
Join us for an improv comedy show like you have never seen it before.